Elastect is a high performance copolymer emulsion compound specially formulated to produce a technically advanced and convenient system for waterproofing all types of pitched roofs etc.  It is economic and light weight with good aesthetic appeal being available in a wide range of colours.
In addition to its first class waterproofing properties, Elastect is an ideal material for exterior application on walls, providing excellent protection against concrete carbonation.  Kitchens, Toilets, Food Processing, Abbatoirs, Food Stores (Inside), Cellars plus many more.

Floor Repair compound is a new concept for the repair of concrete and other flooring. Floor Repair is modified low odour polyurethane concrete which has been specifically designed to produce an easy to use primer free compound with exceptional physical properties suitable for use in food environments.

Joint Repair compound is a new concept for the repair of joints in concrete slabs.  It is the only repair compound which has been specifically designed to repair those annoying joints in concrete which break away at the edges and cause a real safety problem in industrial locations.  Joint Repair is a flexible yet extremely tough polyurethane which is modified with rubber.  Joint Repair has a high resin content compared to most flooring repair compounds and will wet out surrounding surfaces without the need for a primer coat.

 INSITU-POL SA is a polymer emulsion which is used to replace part of the gauging water in cement based mixes. The addition of Pol SA to cement and aggregate mixes produces the following advantages;

  • Thin sections can be applied down to 9 mm..
  • Flexural strength is improved and fewer expansion joints are required.
  • Cure rates accelerated.
  • Reduced permeability.
  • Reduced dusting.
  • Improved water resistance.
  • Improved slip resistances for vehicular and pedestrian traffic.  

 INSITU-SOLVE is a general purpose cleaning solvent for tools and plant used with Insitufloor flooring materials. It can be used to clean trowels when finishing dry screeds such as Screed.


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